For many years Samantha has created products for other brands. We are proud to launch our own brands as a vehicle for our beauty and fragrance creativity.



In March 2020, Samantha was prompted by Covid to launch her first brand, Have A Nice Day Goods (H.A.N.D). With her perfume masterclasses on hold due to social distancing and hand hygiene top of the national agenda, she felt compelled to create a luxurious, sustainable and skin-loving alternative to the drying, and quite frankly depressing, hand sanitisers on the market. She hated what was on the market and wouldn’t use them herself or recommend to her luxury clients.

The result is H.A.N.D Sanitising Scents – formulated with 70% alcohol, scented with Australian botanicals such as Mimosa, West Australian Sandalwood and Kunzea selected for their emotional benefits, imbued with hydrating ingredients and housed in chic, refillable glass perfume bottle. Select a sanitising scent based on how you feel, and care for your hands at the same time. H.A.N.D Sanitisting Scent is the hand sanitisers for people who don’t like hand sanitisers.


During one of the breaks in Melbourne’s notorious lockdowns, Samantha had dinner with her friend Cindy. They were talking about travel and their must have travel essentials. Cindy showed Sam her ride of die product, and Sam in her usual manner, waved her wine glass and said we can do better than that. Skymcare began to come to life.

A sleek, sophisticated mix of Australian ingredients that not only solves the chafing dilemma but also nourishes and cares for your skin, Skymcare’s Smooth Sailing will set you free and get you smoothly, comfortably into those summer dresses for your drinks out with the girls, into your shorts when you’re hitting the job site in the middle of summer, or into your lycra when jumping on the bike for a sweaty ride around town.


This brand started out as a bit of a joke. Samantha was in a meeting with clients, trying to come up with names for a product. Some of them were hilarious, very Frenchified names from a brand that is based in suburban Melbourne. We really love what we do, we live and breathe beauty and perfume, but sometimes it is all a bit pretentious.

How can you call a candle a ‘Bougie’ when it’s made in Dandenong South? Later that day, Samantha was joking with friends about how funny it would be to put bogan sayings on luxury products. Thus, Yeah Nah was born. The brand is minimalist and monochromatic, made with olive oil wax and incredible, complex fragrances from leading perfume houses. All black, smells good but sounds potty mouth, a bit like Samantha. If you don’t think swearing is funny, maybe skip this brand.

POOCHY PARFUM – Launching in october

Poochy has been in Samantha’s head for over 10 years. Always a dog lover (Boxers Forever), Poochy Parfum brings together her two loves in life, dogs and perfume. We worked with a leading perfume house to create fragrances that are safe for dogs and their feline friends and added ingredients that care for the coat of your pooch.

We were due to launch this brand pre-pandemic, but it seemed a little frivolous to be investing in a dog perfume brand when the world was going crazy. We are working towards an October launch so keep an eye out for a new kind of dog perfume. We promise you haven’t seen anything like Poochy. Smell the new Black.