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Samantha Taylor is self confessed perfume obsessed and her passion for artisan perfume knows no bounds. It is a good thing then, that her professional life is dedicated to all things sensory related, so much so that Samantha is considered one of Australia’s foremost fragrance specialists.


Samantha has more than 20 years experience in the beauty  industry working with artisan beauty and fragrance brands in  Australia and overseas. She spent five years working in London with prestigious perfume houses such as Floris,  Penhaligon’s and Miller Harris, honing her craft with  specialist perfume training in London and Paris.


Upon her return to Australia in 2008, Samantha established The Powder Room. Today, The Powder Room is a thriving boutique consultancy, and Samantha spends her time consulting on all things beauty, fragrance and sensory branding related and teaching perfume workshops. She creates fragrance, candles and beauty products for fashion and beauty brands, sensory branding and atmospheric engineering for architectural spaces and events. For further details, please visit Our Services.


In March 2014, The Powder Room was appointed as the exclusive licensee of Cinquieme Sens, a globally renown perfumery school located in Paris. Due to this exciting partnership we are able to offer perfume workshops created by Cinquieme Sens for perfume enthusiasts, sales assistants and perfume professionals.