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Samantha Taylor is a fragrance specialist whose passion for artisan perfume knows no bounds. She is considered one of Australia’s foremost fragrance specialists, helping people and brands create and bring to life their fragrance and beauty concepts.
Samantha, who has worked across Europe and Australia, has more than 25 years experience in many facets of the perfume and beauty industry. Her thriving boutique consultancy, The Powder Room, has clients ranging from artists to airlines, fashion designers to skincare brands. With Samantha’s experience across sales & marketing, R&D, formulation & manufacturing, registration & distribution, she is the right person to take you from an idea to a finished product.
In 2014, The Powder Room was appointed as the exclusive licensee of Cinquieme Sens, a globally renowned perfumery school located in Paris. Due to this exciting partnership Samantha offers perfume workshops created by Cinquieme Sens for perfume enthusiasts, sales assistants and perfume professionals.
So whether it is a small passion project of 100 bottles, an artisan perfume for a fashion label, or an international marketing campaign with 50k bottles, Samantha does it all. For further details, please click here.